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Math Teaching Methods K–5

Supercharge math class with this interactive course that will share practical strategies for building math fluency while creating a fun and hands-on math classroom.
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1 - Growth Mindsets versus Fixed Mindsets and the Neuroscience Behind Them
Understand the science of growth and fixed mindsets and their impact on math. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
2 - Impact of Math Fluency and Number Sense
Learn how math fluency and number sense can help students with problem solving. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
3 - Mathematical Progression Models and Conceptual Understanding
Explore conceptual understanding of math, including 5 key math progressions.  Lesson Length: 3.5 hours
4 - Bringing Math to Life in the Classroom
Learn how to create an interactive math classroom where students can explore. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
5 - Planning for Mathematical Impact
Explore effective instruction planning for math while building your own lesson. Lesson Length: 3.5 hours