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ASU Prep Science of Reading

Gain a deeper understanding of the science of reading with best practices and strategies for teaching foundational skills and supporting emergent readers.

Please note: This course is not approved for PD hours towards the Arizona K-5 Literacy Endorsement.
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1 - Reading Science & Foundational Skills
Explore the reading brain and the basics of explicit & systematic instruction. Lesson Length: 3 Hours
2 - Teaching Phonological Awareness
Gain strategies for helping early readers develop their phonological awareness. Lesson Length: 3.5 Hours
3 - Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
Understand how to effectively use phonics instruction in your reading block. Lesson Length: 3.5 Hours
4 - Word Recognition and Dyslexia
Explore orthographic mapping and the impact of dyslexia on emerging readers. Lesson Length: 3.5 Hours
5 - Putting It All Together
Learn how to track and use data to help your students progress in reading. Lesson Length: 2.5 Hours