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STEM Education and Programs

Develop a strong foundation for STEM education by focusing on the what and why, learning best practices, and gaining resources for developing your own STEM program.
Students studying alternative wind energy during elementary science class
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Unrecognizable female programmer and robotic engineer, testing via Arduino platform her prototype of autonomous self-driven robotic car with sensors
1 - An Introduction to STEM Education
Learn about STEM education and the impact of including it in your classroom. Lesson Length: 60 minutes
Concentrated boy creating robot at lab.
2 - Why STEM Education
Explore the need for STEM and how it impacts college and career readiness. Lesson Length: 90 minutes
Cute little girl writing on a blackboard at a chemistry lesson in class. White coat and goggles.
3 - STEM in our Schools
Investigate ways to implement STEM programs in your school and classroom. Lesson Length: 150 minutes
Group of elementary students doing STEM activities in a classroom
4 - STEM Resources
Explore and develop a variety of STEM resources for your school and classroom. Lesson Length: 330 minutes
Elementary science student using plastic atom model educational toy
5 - Putting the Pieces Together
Review different STEM lesson plans and gain the confidence to develop your own. Lesson Length: 270 minutes