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Thriving as a Digital Teacher

Online education is here to stay. In this course, you’ll learn how to translate your teaching experience to an online environment and thrive as a digital instructor.
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Training Digitally
1 - Introduction to Teaching Digitally
Learn the basics of teaching online along with strategies for virtual success. Lesson Length: 1.5 Hours
2 - Best Practices for Synchronous Instruction
Maximize your time with virtual students by making learning social and fun. Lesson Length: 4.5 Hours
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3 - Best Practices for Asynchronous Instruction
Create engaging and interactive online lessons using the latest tech tools. Lesson Length: 2.5 Hours
People Sitting on sofa
4 - Communicating in an Online Setting
Learn how to navigate online communication to deepen your students’ learning. Lesson Length: 2.5 Hours
5 - Special Considerations in Online Teaching
Explore digital tools and strategies to help expand and diversify learning. Lesson Length: 4 Hours