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Introduction to Blended Learning

In these lessons, you’ll learn how to use in-person teaching methods with online learning technology to create a powerful and personalized blended learning experience.
Blended Learning
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1 - Introduction to Blended Learning
Learn more about blended learning, including various blended learning models. Lesson Length: 1.5 hours
2 - Personalized Learning
Find best practices for creating a personalized and engaging blended classroom. Lesson Length: 3.5 hours
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3 - Flipped Classroom
Discover flipped classroom strategies that can be used in any blended model. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
4 - Playlists and Hyperdocs
Get hands on with playlists and hyperdocs for an engaging blended experience. Lesson Length: 5.5 hours
5 - Station Rotation
Get an in-depth look at this model, combining the best of in-person and online. Lesson Length: 2 hours