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Elevating Student Engagement: Secondary

Ignite student engagement by fostering positive relationships and designing student-centered learning activities that encourage learner agency.
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1 – What is Engagement?
Explore the definition and types of engagement, and how to recognize it. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
2 – Student Engagement and Relationships
Understand how positive relationships impact student engagement. Lesson Length: 2 hours
3 – Engaging Students in Curriculum
Develop a foundation for designing student-centered learning opportunities. Lesson Length: 2.5 hours
4 – Assessment and Agency: Engaging Students as Partners
Foster student agency through assessment, goal-setting, and effective feedback. Lesson Length: 3 hours
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5 – Planning for Engagement: A Step-By-Step Guide
Create a vision and plan so teaching practices emphasize student engagement. Lesson Length: 2 hours