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    in reply to: 1.3 – Supporting Gifted Children #11430

    Look back at your reflection guide. What connections did you make between your reflection and the reading? The connection i made was that gifted students are gifted in different areas. They may be strong in one are but may struggle in other areas.

    Do Aliyah and Christopher remind you of any students in your classroom? What special support would you say your gifted students need right now? No, I do not have any students like Aliyah and Christoper. If I did, I would look at having them go to advance courses in the areas they will be challenged.

    Read at least two other discussion posts and reply to them. Some starters to consider: Which posts challenged or extended your thinking? Which ones echo your thinking? The post concerning sending students to different grade levels based on their math ability is an excellent idea. This allows the grade level teacher to focus on teaching the standard the student can demonstrate success.

    in reply to: Your Phonics Instruction Strategies #11422

    In your own reading classroom, do you see more of a need to spend more time on foundational skills or to provide more multisensory approaches? Why?
    I teach 4th and 5th graders. I believe my students would benefit with both strategies. Based on data I can work on foundation skills with my struggling students. Students that are good readers we can use multisensory approaches to decode words without visual cues.

    What are some of your favorite strategies for teaching phonemic awareness and phonics? I have students clap their hands with each syllable and then make a sweeping motion with their hands together to signify the blending technique. This helps with blending syllables compound words.


    How will you prioritize relationship building?
    I will put students in breakout rooms in zoom and have a quick 1:1 meeting to learn about my students.

    How will you establish a positive learning community?
    I will ensure my students know I care about them and their families.

    How will you bring your curriculum to life for your students?
    I will use a variety of online programs that can focus on the why of learning.

    How do your assessment and grading practices align with your vision for learner engagement?
    I will help my students understand that assessments and how I grade are important tools to help me know and undertstand how they are learning. Together we can look at the results and come up with solutions or plans to ensure students master the concepts.

    in reply to: Expanding Your Tech Toolbox (Elementary) #11414

    Pick a tech tool and explore it in depth by searching for it on the web.

    Look at the tool’s website to find out more about the tool and how to use it.
    I like how it can be assigned to students to complete or we can complete the lesson as a class.

    Search on the web for how other teachers use it to gather data about students’ prior knowledge. You might target your search to a specific grade level or subject.
    I see other teachers using the site as a diagnostic tool.

    Develop your own idea for how you could use this tool to engage students in using data to drive their own learning.
    I can use Nearpod for reteach when students are having a tough time understanding a concept.

    in reply to: Establishing Relationships (Elementary) #11413

    In addition to the resources shared in this chapter, share an activity you have successfully used to build relationships in your classroom. Be sure to include the necessary steps, resources, and any helpful pointers.
    I work online. At the beginning and throughout the school year we play games to get to know more about each other. I use online games that I have developed. In zoom, I have students share how they feel using emojis in the chat. On Fridays, students earn time to play SEI and character games that allow us to understand each other’s likes and dislikes. I also have students prepare a google slide show to talk about themselves and their family.

    in reply to: Learning Communities and Engagement (Elementary) #11412

    How might you create new opportunities so that each student begins to actively drive their own learning?
    Peer to peer work
    Small Group work
    Daily and weekly meetings with students.
    Parents/Guardians as part of the team.

    What connections do you see between John Hattie’s advocacy for teacher-learning communities and Amy Berry’s Engagement Continuum?
    I see teachers working together to look at student data and find misconceptions with students’ learning.

    What is the connection between collective teacher expertise and empowering active student engagement? As PLCs are developed in a school setting, it allows for all teachers to work together to share ideas on best practices for student learning.

    in reply to: 5.6 Choice Board Peer Review #11407
    The subject area of your choice board: ELA

    A brief explanation of the intended student audience of your choice board and how your choice board accommodates them. Intended for all 4th and 5th graders. It provides a minimum of two choices to complete.

    in reply to: 5.4 Supporting ELL, IEP, and 504 Learners #11406

    What is, or what do you think will be your biggest challenge when it comes to supporting ELL, IEP, and 504 learners in your online classroom? We use a curriculum that was developed by Imagine Learning. The biggest challenge with the LMS is many of the modification that can be made to the LMS can be time consuming based on the goals of the IEP. In some cases, the work has to be deleted and new work is assigned based on the IEP goals. The LMS is great at translating to the appropriate language for our ELL students.

    Respond to two posts with words of advice, suggestions, ideas, or strategies to support ELL, IEP, and 504 learners online.

    In some posts I see participation is a concern with our ELL and students on an IEP. I do see that problem in my classroom. My solution has been getting support from the parents/guardians. I requests a private meeting in a breakout room with the student and parents/guaridans to get their support.

    in reply to: 5.2 Supporting Diverse Students #11405

    What trends are you seeing with your students? Online some students have a tough time navigating the LMS to turn in assignments.
    What recurring successes or struggles do you see? I provide additional time and 1:1 guidance.

    On the vocab assignment I have found success with having parents/guardians assist with the assignment.
    I like the idea of having students explain some of their jargon. This will help with knowing my students.

    in reply to: 4.6 Classroom Meeting Activities #11404

    Tell us about a favorite way you like to use classroom meetings or huddle time. It can be anything—a way to build rapport with your students, say words of affirmation, practice conflict resolution, etc. Don’t forget to include what grade level(s) and subject area(s) the activity is appropriate for.

    Grade Level/Subject Area: 4th/5th Grade

    On Fridays we play an online game called blooket. I make the game using information I have learned about the students. I include information about myself. It may be true and false. I also include questions that are not true about our class. They enjoy the competition and after the game we discuss any new questions that were included on the game.

    in reply to: 4.4 Fostering Student Relationships #11403

    Next, respond to two reflection posts offering tips, suggestions, or personal experiences that might help others.

    I believe an important part of getting to know your students is letting students talk about what is important to them.
    I also see some teachers talking about sharing information about themselves. That is very important. Students want to know their teacher. They also want to build a positive relationship with their teacher.

    in reply to: 4.4 Fostering Student Relationships #11402

    Think about some of the tried-and-true ways you have used to make connections and foster relationships with your students—online or off. What is one of your favorite strategies? Tell us how it helped you foster a relationship with a student.

    Working online my favorite strategy to make connections and foster relationships is to have them write about themselves. They share this information using Google slides. I tell students to send the link to me. I use the information and make a blooket game. I add funny things that are not true to the game and make it a fun and exciting way to get to know all my students. It becomes a friendly competition for everyone and they love the brain break.

    in reply to: 5.4 – Lesson Planning Best Practices #11245

    What other formats of lesson planning have you used? I have used what the district has provided. It is specific to the school. We have specific areas to cover based on the standard being taught.

    What types or methods of planning have been most successful for you? I enjoy planning with my team. This ensures we can share ideas on best practices.


    Review the list of rich task and activities and use it to develop a task you feel meets the low floor/high ceiling attributes of a rich task. Afterward, test it in your classroom and share your experience on the discussion board post titled, Rich Tasks & Activities.
    This is the activity I will use with my class. Card Activities
    Target one thousand or Target one hundred

    Describe any obstacles or challenges you had with the activity. I don’t believe I will have obstacles. I know I will have to teach new vocabulary at the start of the school year.

    Describe any successes or breakthroughs you had with the activity. I will take notes and share with our school.

    Would you do anything differently next time? Why

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