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1.1 – SHARE: Understanding Yourself as a Learner

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      • Rate your comfort level with solving the problem. 
      • How did you feel when you first saw the problem? Were you excited, stressed… 
      • Did you feel you had the strategies to solve the problem? 
      • How did you feel when you solved the problem, whether you were right or wrong?
    • williamcorrtez

      – On a scale of 1 to 10, I could say that I was satisfied on a 9.
      – Excited, since I like challenges that involve percentages.
      – Yes, since I have previously solved problems involving the calculation of percentages. It is also a theme that I can see in my daily life.
      – At first very excited because it had taken me a short time to solve it, but then very frustrated when I saw that my way of writing the answer was not what was expected, so my answer was incorrect.

    • bjshaw3

      I felt fairly comfortable solving the problem. While it’s been a while since I’ve seen a word problem like that one, I was able to consider it in real world context (working retail, grocery shopping, etc.) and draw upon my background knowledge of proportional reasoning to remember how to consider the various discounts.

      I was initially stressed when I saw that the word problem was at a slightly higher level than the typical third grade math that I’m used to teaching everyday, but after reading and interpreting the question and drawing on my background knowledge, I felt okay.

      I’m not sure that I necessarily had strategies in place to solve the problem, since it didn’t necessarily ask us to come up with what money would be left after those discounts were applied, however, I do think proportional reasoning and knowledge of percentages was helpful.

      I was initially thrown off when I got the problem incorrect, but then I realized the text box where answers go was only looking for a “yes” or “no” response with no explanation. Then, I felt accomplished when I got the problem correct.

    • ahuyck

      1/5/23 at 4:14 pm ahuyck


      – no I decided to work the problem as two problems and see how it came out

      – yes I did

      – initially it seemed like it would be the same answer, but after working the problem
      you see that it’s not

    • lgn1381

      – I believe I’m an 8/10
      – I tend to stress out with word problems, I have always said math is not my favorite subject, because it takes me twice as much time to complete it and I overthink it.
      – I’m not sure.

    • bjohnson

      I believe I had the strategies to solve this word problem so I rated myself 10/10. I was excited to solve this problem as I thought about the process of solving it step-by-step and seeing the process on paper. I was confident in my answer as I had the work solved as evidence.

    • petunia.wainwright

      I rate myself a 9/10 because I was excited about the problem. But when I first read it I was not sure and had to double think of the problem. Once I thought about what the question was asking I was able to step back and figure out the problem. I enjoy math but sometimes I get nervous of what it is asking me.

    • williwoodz

      Felt a bit stressed as usual with math in general. However rate myself 9/10 as I knew I had the skill to solve it. I also approached as two separate problems.

    • roberta.deaso

      Rate your comfort level with solving the problem.
      How did you feel when you first saw the problem?

      I was comfortable with solving the problems because I understand the fluidity of math, and I realized how important it is to teach kids how fun math can be when you understand a few core concepts.

      Did you feel you had the strategies to solve the problem?


      How did you feel when you solved the problem, whether you were right or wrong?

      I felt good because I was right.

    • amcginnis

      I felt confident in my ability to solve the problem.
      My answer was correct just worded differently so it was marked as incorrect.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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