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2.3 – Number Sense vs. Math Fluency

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    • ASU

      What is the difference between number sense and math fluency?

    • williamcorrtez

      Math fluency helps master concepts and apply them to problem solving and reasoning.
      Number sense involves the ability to make sense of numbers, understanding numbers and how they work together. Through exploration, practical tools, discussion and engagement

    • bjshaw3

      If students are fluent in math or demonstrate math fluency, they can quickly and accurately come to the answer when presented with a math fact, and be able to employ various strategies that represent number sense in order to come to those conclusions.
      Number sense includes a students’ ability to reason with numbers, and understand operations, etc. conceptually, rather than being fluent in math through rote memorization.

    • williwoodz

      Math fluency is the ability to use facts to solve problems quickly and accurately. Number sense allows students to understand the relationships between numbers and operations conceptually. Both are necessary for math success.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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