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2.3 – Number Sense Strategies

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    • Knight Agency

      After implementing number sense strategies in your classroom, share: 

      • What strategies did you use in your classroom? 
      • What did you learn?
    • williamcorrtez

      One of the strategies that I use most is group work, students like to share ideas and develop tasks in classes with their classmates. I also like to ask those faster students to do their homework that are guardians of those who require help, that way they feel useful in the classroom and can use their remaining time in helping others.
      Another thing that I like to do a lot is to ask other teachers to be able to do work in sets where students must integrate different skills, both in mathematics with science, mathematics with arts, mathematics with language, etc. It is a concrete way to show students that mathematics serve in everyday life and that they are not just a set of abstract ideas.

    • williamcorrtez

      I learn that my students are capable of helping each other, that they are supportive of each other, that they have different learning rhythms and that I must give everyone space to shine. I learn that I can work with my colleagues and show students how to do collaborative work. I learn that mathematics is not only taught through numerical expressions, but can be through art, literature, science, music, etc.

    • williwoodz

      I have used financial community and the kids really take it seriously and are very motivated when figuring out their “money”. I have also noticed that using a notice and wonder strategy is a great warm up and primes the pump. Manipulatives and math talk allow greater understanding.

    • marialignos

      When school starts I will incorporate, as bell work, a none math question whose answer will be either never, sometimes, or always. Then segue that into the math lesson. I will also start using math talk in our morning greet and chat time.

    • tammy.metz

      When school starts I will incorporate the exploding dots site and math review questions as bellwork to keep students mentally engaged in math concepts past and present. I believe this will help keep math skills fresh.

    • jamesmunoz4

      What strategies did you use in your classroom? I do have my students memorize their multiplication and division facts. I make it a game. I provide rewards as students memorize their facts. Once they are memorized, I demostrate the importance of having a picture in their head about what it means. I have them explain using examples from their experiences. I want them to make sense of what the facts mean. As they solve problems, I ask them does their answer make sense.

      What did you learn? I learned the importance of having fun as students make sense of the numbers they use in class in at home.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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