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2.1 – Math Fluency Challenges

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    • ASU

      Think about each student’s reasoning skills. Then share: 

      • What challenges did you experience with math fluency in your classroom?
      • What ideas do you have to help each of these students improve their math fluency?
    • williamcorrtez

      When you have a number of students in the room, different learning rhythms can be visualized. Some have faster skills, others need more time, but it is possible to identify that everyone has fluency math. Most of the students use their fingers to be able to comply with results, others make them only weighing and only a few need to manipulate some help, but they are able to find results.

    • williamcorrtez

      Always try to carry out activities where students can use different resolution strategies, depending on what is most easy for them. I also ask those students who end up first to solve exercises, to be tutors of those who are costing more work to develop their task. That way they can learn from their classmates to enter a new learning.

    • bjshaw3

      I’ve found that students can grasp the concept of multiplication, for example, but they have a hard time looking at a fact and moving toward that quick ability to come up with an answer. Often, they can find it if they have the time/space to make a model, but when it comes to knowing their times tables, for instance, they struggle. To help these students, I think it might be helpful, since now I know they mostly understand multiplication conceptually, to move toward that fact memorization, maybe using flashcards or a multiplication chart to help.

    • williwoodz

      Each student learns at their own pace and all have some level of fluency. I believe it is important to allow them to use whatever strategy they understand but with the goal that the facts become automatic. Repetition through flash cards and games will help to fade reliance on multiplication charts etc.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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