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1.3 – Learning Retention Ideas

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    • Knight Agency

      Create a new post and share other ideas you may have for helping students to retain learning of math concepts.

    • williamcorrtez

      place value.
      identify characteristics of different geometric figures.
      equivalent fractions.
      angle classification.

    • bjshaw3

      Spiral review – Spiral review is built into the math curriculum at my school. Any homework assignment from their math homework journal includes various problems that ask students to draw upon their background knowledge or previous learning. Students are also regularly assessed on previous learning during tests that examine their understanding of a new concept.
      Fact fluency practice – Station rotation activities often included an independent station with a choice board that includes digital math games that allow students to practice math facts, such as multiplication facts. Sometimes I also use these as warm ups.

    • ahuyck

      -1/6/23 11:07am ahuyck
      -use flash cards and practice with a partner
      -use math games
      -practice everyday
      -station rotation
      -keep it fun
      -stay positive
      -morning review of previous days work reteach when needed
      -verbal response

    • williwoodz

      Place value, multiplication, fractions, division
      Ideas: warm-up reviews, choice boards, stations, games, making it fun, staying positive

    • marialignos

      Before introducing a new topic I often find a fun,catchy song to play. Jack Hartmann is an often go to. I then play that song at the beginning of each lesson. It also gets the students up and out of their seats and gets them moving.

    • tammy.metz

      I purchased some math games like Math Bingo, fraction/decimal sort, things like that to help classify, match, sort, and compare. I also like to review with Kahoot because it’s very game-like and the kids love it, but we are reviewing math at the same time, so no whining or complaining from the students.

    • jamesmunoz4

      Create a new post and share other ideas you may have for helping students to retain learning of math concepts.
      Card games
      Nearpod games
      Blooket games
      Jeopardy games

Viewing 7 reply threads
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