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Reply To: Teaching Phonological Awareness


1. How will you incorporate phonological awareness teaching strategies into your daily teaching?
Knowing about them, I would try to spend a few minutes at the beginning of class to go over the levels of phonological awareness. perhaps not all on the same day, but every day designate a review from the most basic to the most complex as the days of the week progress. I would try to identify those students who are further behind and try to help them in conjunction with a student who already has the most developed ability. You could make pairs of students and develop some dynamic at the beginning of the class with the aim of reinforcing some skill.

2. How will you ensure that your teaching is multi-sensory?
Through the manipulation of different objects, be it plastic letters, word cards, blocks for reviewing syllables. Watching videos or repeating songs that help me to reinforce some skill. Also invite parents to be able to download an app of phonemes or words where students can practice from their homes and put technology to positive use.

3. no questions.