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Reply To: Dyslexia & Structured Literacy


What is something new you learned about dyslexia?

I didn’t realize that in a dyslexic person, part of the brain isn’t activating the way it should.

What are some strategies you want to implement in your classroom regarding word recognition and dyslexia?

I already use movement in lessons, but I would like to start using more brightly colored papers and I would love to get better at providing choice to show mastery in this grade level (K) in the way I was able to do in upper grade levels.

What aspects of structured literacy are you already using in your reading practice? Which aspects do you plan to implement?

I use Heggerty, so students get lots of repeated exposure using movement to help them learn. I will add many things that I have learned in this class; one of which will be I Spy to help students think of similarities in words. I also want to add more review and lessons on syllables. I want to be very intentional about that learning, as the teacher in the video was.