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Reply To: Dyslexia & Structured Literacy


I have been dyslexia trained for about 5 years now so there wasn’t anything knew to learn here. However I remember before being trained I always thought dyslexia was a reversal of letters I now know that is not the case.
I implement a lot of strategies already but I have recently started the following strategy for HFW: I give them a sentence using the HFW word in context. Then I start by having them listen to the sounds and then we talk about how many sounds there are and show that with sound boxes. From there we look at the spelling and identify the letters and how many there are and then we put those letters into the sound boxes. From there we write the word by saying the sounds not the letters. We practice this multiple times writing them using a red crayon and a screen. We sound out and read the word each time we write it and then we come up with a sentence for our word and share it with a partner.
I want to be more explicit about teaching the syllable types. I do teach open. closed and magic e in Kindergarten but it is not built into my scope and sequence so I would like to add it to that.