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Reply To: Dyslexia & Structured Literacy


I have been under the assumption that in order to help my students with Dyslexia learn to read I had to have a program. Most of which are extremely expensive. While they might be beneficial this chapter showed me that there are many things I am doing already and can implement to help all my students including those with Dyslexia.

I have been teaching syllables, but I will now use the order in which it talked about to teach them. When I teach them I will try and use multisensory activities.
I would also like to use some of the items that it suggested such as colored lined paper. I have used speech to text tools for some of my students and that works wonderfully.

I think the aspects of structured literacy that I am currently using is taking time in the day to teach spelling rules and syllable rules. This reading is just helping me understand better ways to teach it.