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Reply To: 3.3 – Checks for Understanding


My top 5 checks for comprehension are
1) white board; This allows me to write down important ideas to better explain or demonstrate some concepts that are being taught. 2) Stop and jot; It is always important that they can record those ideas so that they can go back to review what is being learned. 3) Short discussion between teacher and student about a concept or work; when we are teaching mathematics it is vitally important that students can observe and see what they want to teach, saying concepts on the air may not always be understood by students, but when you have a drawing or something that they can remember and then associate with some concept. 4) Misconception Check; So that there are no doubts, it is good to check as we progress with the learning, ask the students if they are understanding what is being taught, and ask if they have any doubts and correct any topic that they have not understood correctly. correct. Finally the 5) Reflect after the activity with open-ended questions s a group; It is always good to generate instances of discussion where students present their points of view, especially when students themselves are able to help each other and simplify what the teacher wants to teach. Giving them the opportunity to see for themselves how they have understood the process and then they can express it verbally helps me as a teacher to realize if they are understanding what I want to teach and how I want to teach it.