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Reply To: 1.1 – SHARE: Understanding Yourself as a Learner


I felt fairly comfortable solving the problem. While it’s been a while since I’ve seen a word problem like that one, I was able to consider it in real world context (working retail, grocery shopping, etc.) and draw upon my background knowledge of proportional reasoning to remember how to consider the various discounts.

I was initially stressed when I saw that the word problem was at a slightly higher level than the typical third grade math that I’m used to teaching everyday, but after reading and interpreting the question and drawing on my background knowledge, I felt okay.

I’m not sure that I necessarily had strategies in place to solve the problem, since it didn’t necessarily ask us to come up with what money would be left after those discounts were applied, however, I do think proportional reasoning and knowledge of percentages was helpful.

I was initially thrown off when I got the problem incorrect, but then I realized the text box where answers go was only looking for a “yes” or “no” response with no explanation. Then, I felt accomplished when I got the problem correct.