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Reply To: Your Phonics Instruction Strategies


I need some foundational skills for about 3 of my students. All my students would benefit from multisensory. I am very excited to try some of the strategies that they gave me. I am excited to use the tongue twisters! We have been doing alliteration with our cursive writing and now I can have them say them out loud as fast as they can. They will be thrilled. I am really excited to use the highlight suffixes prefixes. thanks for the ideas. We have done the fly swatter with vocabulary it it will be fun to use for reading skills.

Some of my strategies have been word games that they do coming up to the board or on their own dry erase boards. I’m looking forward to implementing different ways.
My ELL students and I do play games for learning as well. They are usually memory games, four in a row or tic tac toe 🙂