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Reply To: Intro to Science of Reading


I am taking away a few things.
1. We are teaching our students to read based on the many studies that have been conducted over many years. Analyzing the strategies and the success of our reading approach gives us insight so we can do better than those before us.
2. Everyone learns to read the same way. We have to include very specific things to ensure that our students can successfully learn to read. This is true for all types of learners, even those with dyslexia. I would love to learn strategies that I can use for my students that have dyslexia.
3. The example of a reading lesson plan was great to see. It shows a simple, yet effective way to ensure we are hitting all the areas that need to be taught throughout a reading lesson, while also giving room for individualizing the instruction for our specific students. It is a clear roadmap that I can use to check my lesson plans and make sure I am hitting each piece.