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Reply To: 4.2 – Rich Tasks & Activities (Note: Under Project Banner)


I tried to focus on 2 strategies and make a mix of them. I incorporated Weekly Seating – Problem Solving and Illustrative Math Tasks into my class. I chose these two since, being a weekly problem, I thought that the format should be different from what was worked on, in addition to having another type of writing so that the students begin to get used to a different job from a single teacher.

The main obstacle was that since it was something weekly that was delivered on Mondays and reviewed on Fridays, there were students who did not do it or did not understand it. others who developed it on the same Monday and did not work on it anymore during the week. So there was a lack of coordination at the beginning.

After that, it was explained again how the work would be. Then on Monday the problem was handed in and read in front of the entire course. On Tuesday they had to bring in writing all the doubts they had regarding the problem. On Wednesday they had to bring in writing the definition of the concept that they intend to work on. On Thursday the exercise was read again and some doubts were resolved, and finally on Friday the exercise was resolved with the help of the students.

The different thing I would do would be to establish a work routine immediately. In addition to designating some students to be in charge of sharing their progress according to the day in order to make sure that everyone participates and that they are more committed to the development of the problem.