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Reply To: 1.2 – SHARE: Math Myths and Truths


Mathematics is Computation. Students do see math as computation. As a teacher I can see how students have to remember the rules and steps for solving problems.

Math is just memorizing rules. Students believe this to be true. As a teacher I see it as only part of math.

You are either good at math or bad at math. Student will say they are bad at math because they have a difficult time with math. As a teacher, all students can learn math at any level.

Math is just about getting the right answer. Students do wan the answer only. They do not want to see the application. As a teacher I want to see both.

Math is creative. Students may not wish to be creative if they do not have the experience to solve the problem. As a teacher, I want my stuents to be creative.

Math is exploration. Some students enjoy exploring new math ideas. I as a teacher enjoy teaching new methods to solve problems.

There are many ways to problem solve. Some students can see this as an opportunity to learn the concept. I as a teacher provide those opportunities.

Mistakes help our learning. Some students may become disappointed in getting the wrong answer. I see it as learning.