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Reply To: Intro to Science of Reading


Hi Rhonda,
Your first takeaway resonated with me, as yes, teachers often times are encouraged to teach in ways that have us jumping through hoops, as we try to reach the most proficient level of teaching (according to whatever our latest observation model may be), when in fact apparently the “one way to teach students to become skilled readers,” is by teaching phonics skills and age appropriate language comprehension. Additionally, the fact that it was mentioned that reading is not a natural skill, and that students need, “direct instruction of reading skills,” is something that may be the reason why, the success rate for students in a small group setting is so much higher than that of those who may be taught in a whole group setting, in general. In a small group, teachers are able to yes, provide one-on-one support, however, in a small group setting, teachers most times are leading or reteaching the content vs. in a whole group setting, a teacher may have taught the lesson in a way that was more student/peer-led. Maybe it has just been my experience, but I feel like there has always been a negative frame of mind, when it comes to direct instruction, but in fact, that is the best way to teach reading, according to the text. Very interesting read.